Final Instructions to the Audience lyrics - Frogs, The

Final Instructions to the Audience lyrics

Final Instructions to the Audience

No, please don't nod,
Agreeing with me just 'cause I'm a god.
Have some respect for Aristophanes --
And please don't nod.

Don't just shrug,
Content to be a conscientious slug.
It's fine to feel contented, safe and snug,
But soon enough contented turns to smug.
Don't shovel what's uncomfortable underneath the rug.
Speak up! Get sore!
Do something more than just deplore.

Now to conclude, please,
If we've been crude, please,

We can be booed, please --

It shows you were awake.

Don't sit and brood, please.
Learn to be rude, please.

There's just too much at stake,
And now is simply not the time to take
A break.

So shake
Your ass!

I know, I know, that sounds a little crass.
But, citizens of Athens,
If you're smart,
Don't sit around while Athens
Falls apart.

Good citizens of Athens,
Let us not lose heart!

And now --
And now --
And now --
And now --
And now --

[Music stops; freeze; beat]

[Quietly, speaking]
And now --

[Gestures to include the Audience. Music resumes, triumphant]

We start.
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