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Heart An' Hand lyrics

Heart An' Hand

When times is hard to endure,
An' the world feels a wilderness,
The times is fer makin' family.
'Tis a wintry wind to be sure,
An' when it won't quit blowin,'
The times is fer goin' home.
An' as one sweet soul to another,
You an' I are a lullaby to each other.
Hush, my darlin';
Hush-a-bye angel.
I'm aside you heart an' hand.

Ain't much bacon in the pan
or coffee in the pot.
Runnin' real low on firewood,
But we sure as hell have us some family.
Craziest bunch of fools was ever begot,
But thar ain't no figurin' what the Lord plans,
An' I don't want no other man's home.

An' as one sweet soul to another,
A fam'ly tries to sing lullabies to each other.
Hush, my darlin';
Hush-a-bye, angel.
I'm aside you heart an' hand.
Right aside you I will stand;
I will stand heart an' hand.

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Heart An' Hand
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