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Git Comfortable lyrics

Git Comfortable

Git comf'table, Carmichael;
Hunker down a while.
Tear up Bee Doyle's land if you like,
special Carmichael style.
Do it like yer blind,
like yer swingin' a shovel
or a big ol' chain,
like yer madder 'an hell
an' right as rain.
I was wrong;
See, I didn't know that's how it's done.
See, that's funny I didn't know.

Git comf'table, outlander,
strut 'an stomp aroun'.
Act like you was born right here,
sprouted outta' this groun'.
These hills 'll take you in,
Heck! You harness-pullin' fool
shaft-diggin' outlander speck
of fly shit on my boot,
city slickin' suit.
I was wrong;
See, I didn't know that's how it's done.
See, that's funny. I didn't know.

See, I didn't know.
There's no place for me here.
I was wrong--
I'm all wrong--
Don't know what to do no more, Floyd.

Brother mine.

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