Floyd Collins synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. The Ballad of Floyd Collins
  3. The Call
  4. It Moves
  5. Time to Go
  6. Lucky
  7. Tween a Rock An' a Hard Place Tween a Rock An' a Hard Place Video
  8. Daybreak
  9. I Landed on Him
  10. Heart An' Hand
  11. Riddle Song
  12. Act 2
  13. Is That Remarkable?
  14. Carnival
  15. Through the Mountain
  16. Git Comfortable
  17. Ballad of Floyd Collins (reprise) Ballad of Floyd Collins (reprise) Video
  18. The Dream The Dream Video
  19. How Glory Goes How Glory Goes Video

Floyd Collins synopsis

Floyd Collins Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story includes several characters that vary from production to production. The most important, after whom the play was named, Floyd Collins, remains unchanged, and the rest of characters are a subject to substitution: his family and friends, and then the reporters (in later versions), and even the priest and other minor personalities.

So, Floyd Collins is a person who lives in a small town, is an amateur caver and explores the local Sand Cave on the subject of discovery exciting new openings there, determining its size, as well as, perhaps, may be lucky finding deposits of crystals or minerals, or even some gold.

During his research, he falls into a very narrow hole, and his leg is nipped by a stone, so he can’t get out on his own. His friends, relatives and all locals come to his aid, even the press is here, along with the priest. But it is not easy to get him out. One of his brothers spends a couple of nights with him, encouraging him with stories and local news. Trying to get him, a very small man was even tried, who might squeeze to Floyd, as well as several other means. After some time, to the rescue was called following ones: The Red Cross, the National Guard and other amateur spelunkers and even miners.

At this time, while he awaits salvation, Floyd Collins reflects what prompted him on such a search. The audience learns that he wanted to attract more tourists to this cave (and his native town), if he would find anything interesting or he could make a fortune if stepped onto helpful deposits. Priest compares his desire with the entrepreneurial spirit of America in general, as a spark in the hearts of individual people that moves all Humanity forward.

Within 17 days after the incident, it appears that all efforts are in vain to free him. The stone that covered the passage above, falls on the lifeless body of Floyd Collins, who had died three days earlier.
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