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Daybreak lyrics


The house was quiet;
'member, Floyd?
We was all snorin' an' sleepin' real sound.
You came atop the hill, Floyd,
Like a monkey jes' a-screechin' and a leapin...'
Ya crazy loon.
'Member, Floyd?
'Member how ya' screamed?
You hollered somethin' 'bout a cave;
In our nightclothes we came a-toddlin' out.
An' Miss Jane in that ol' sleepin; bonnet,
like a duck she was a waddlin'.
'Member, Floyd?
'Member how she looked?
We was holdin' hands
as you marched us across the field.
Was a whole mess a' stars that night...
As we enter in,
the lights of the sky die down,
like still, like cool, like nightfall...
We have each other's hands,
we have what we can picture,
that's all we need to pass the time...

Time inside has a way of flowin' on,

goin' on a wind,

it take itself a dive.

Time inside kinda'
puts me in a mind of
when Mama was alive...

when Mama was alive.
No one even says a word;
We are happy dreamin', we are.
An' before we know it--
daybreak is on.

That's how it's gonna be;
That I promise.
Long as you remember that
from nightfall to daybreak,
from sundown to dawn,
I'm stayin' here.

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