Floyd Collins review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. The Ballad of Floyd Collins
  3. The Call
  4. It Moves
  5. Time to Go
  6. Lucky
  7. Tween a Rock An' a Hard Place Tween a Rock An' a Hard Place Video
  8. Daybreak
  9. I Landed on Him
  10. Heart An' Hand
  11. Riddle Song
  12. Act 2
  13. Is That Remarkable?
  14. Carnival
  15. Through the Mountain
  16. Git Comfortable
  17. Ballad of Floyd Collins (reprise) Ballad of Floyd Collins (reprise) Video
  18. The Dream The Dream Video
  19. How Glory Goes How Glory Goes Video

Floyd Collins review

Floyd Collins Review - Broadway musical

Show is interesting with its stage design – rocks, caves, tunnels… However, the tunnels were an exaggeration. It is not true in displaying uninhabited caves, as tunnels can go along with the subway or train, or if there is some serious mining, at least. Therefore, tunnels on the scene are rather visual entertainment than displaying a possible reality.

Imagine – you are a caver. And you fall in cave in the crack and you cannot get out in any way. What range of emotions you will experience? Starting from the desire to fight for the integrity, and then, for life in general, to despondency and renunciation, and then waiting for the inevitable death, when you know that no one will be able to help. Just about the same happens to our hero who is experiencing mental anguish, when thinking about that, and whether it was worth to enter this cave, which would not repay him with wealth and fame as he dreamed, but will even take his life.

Music in general leaves rather disturbing and unpleasant sensation. Of course, it is designed in such a way to display the experience of the main character. And shows the same frustration that creeps up on him with each new heartbeat. As it was contemporary theater, you shouldn’t expect much from this histrionics. But it was indeed very strong in regard to the display of the emotional spectrum of a man caught in a natural trap from which he will not get out (he doesn’t know this yet). Jazz & soul & music, which is natural for the countryside, where country is the most widespread sounding. Instead of cheerful music and long, lingering notes that forms the elation, everything here is for sadness and gloom. Maybe that's because the audience did not find any love story, or humor, or no happy ending in this musical, it did not become popular? Quite possibly.

On the other hand, of course, it does have its original plot and interesting delivery and it dares to show unpopular things. There is reflection about the American dream, which pushes people to enterprise, sometimes ending fatally.

The tiny band of 5 people and worthy singers, together with an active music producer make this amazing contemporary thing. The energy on stage is formed well, and the voltage pulses. The audience hopes that the main character will be eventually saved. In terms of the story, here it is quite walking between worlds – the inner world of the hero and the world of real events. Despite the fact that when salvation of man goes, the account is on hours or days, but periodically the element of urgency drops and it isn’t clear – whether it was the fault of the director or the librettist, or actors.
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