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I've Gotta Run lyrics

I've Gotta Run

I was inlove with is guy in high school
His name was Tyler lee Roy
He was the three year captian of varsity soccer,
He's mumma backed and cooked like she was Betty Crocker,
And though Tyler was a little bit off his rocker
I thought I was in love with this boy.

He took me to my junior and senior prom,
We made love like he was being shipped to Vietnam,
and when ever I got angry ty new how to stay calm so I though he was the one

'But then on graduation day,
I saw a future that stayed the same,

I've gotta run.
I've gotta run.
I've gotta run run run ruuunnn
Tyler...... I've gotta run

I was involved with this guy in college,
We had the time of our lives
He was the head of every single student organization,
And he marched against the greedy piece of shit administration,
He thought outside the box and burst with such imagination,
I thought I was in love with this man.

He took me to my first political rally,
He bought a bag of weed to smoke with me behind the ally
Every time we kissed he wrote it down to keep a tally,
I thought he was the one.
'Til fall of junior year,
I was filling up with fear.
I'd live alone with his career.

Ummm, I've gotta run
I've gotta run,
I've gotta run run run ruuunn

I've gotta run,
I've gotta run,
I've gotta run run run ruuunn

But sometime I've gotta stop blaming everyone but me,
Pretending that I know what love supposed to be.
I've run for long enough and now I;m running out of time.
I know the mountain is tall,
I could easily fall,
but I'll climb.

I'm involved with this guy from work and he's the man of my dreams.
By the age of twenty-eight hes got a seven figure salary,
And in his massive home is an impressionistic gallery,
He's got this killer body like he can not keep a calorie,
Girls would kill to be with this man.

So I got to this new place where I was ready to commit,
My friends said bite the bullet,
So I finally just bit.
Everything was great it seemed like such a perfect fit.
Then he left me this note,
And I read what he wrote,
"I'm not sure if you're the one,
I have tried but can't ignore,
That I'm needing so much more,
I've got a world left to explore.
Baby, I've gotta run"
I've gotta run

Well I'm happy that you're gone,
i was ready to move on,
So go and run run run ruuunn
I've gotta run,
I've gotta run,
I've gotta run run run ruuuunnnnn
I get it!(spoken)
You've gotta ruunnn

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