Edges: A Song Cycle review

Edges: A Song Cycle Review - Broadway musical

This work is a kind of contemporary style of musicals production, because it is not a classical at all. There are no lyrics in it. Absolutely. There are only songs without a break, going one after another, in which the emotions spill, allowing the viewer to get the full range of emotional colors, for which he came. Two people, being a 19-year-old graduates, received a grant for their further creations, winning from Jonathan Larson award a sum of decent money. The musical, which never made it to Broadway or to the West End, still has more than 100 shows in the world, on almost all continents. Classically, a continent that is deprived of attention, in addition to the Antarctic, is South America. For some reason, nobody produces musicals there. By the way, it is how to judge. Based on various models, the world has from 4 to 7 continents. If we consider 4’ or 5’ model, where both Americas are considered to be single, then yes – this musical did not get only to the Antarctic. However, to there no one arrives (with super-rare exceptions, when people want to make a significant something on this deep-frozen piece of land, just for fun).

This histrionics is about 4 young people who find themselves in this big world, passing a range of emotions through a series of songs with a different coloring. In fact, that's all for the plot. After all, there isn’t any. What you can be surprised of? First of all, the presence of unusual for a musical elements of social networking. In other shows, creators pass by this theme for several reasons. Firstly, it is a relatively recent phenomenon, of several years. Secondly, the majority of directors are mature people who deliberately ignore this trend. Just as before people once ignored the TV, before that – the radio, more before that – newspapers, and quite a long time ago –books. After all, all these inventions of Mankind, are accustomed, as social networks that became an integral part of our existence and radically changed the commerce and social interrelations, as well as the exchange with information. Thirdly, would you like to be 756th friend on Facebook? By the way, according to recent studies, really stable connections can be maintained with no more than 50 people, and real friends on Facebook, to which people turn for help, on average, are four. Everything else, including the hundreds or thousands, is already a fan club, followers, but not friends. Something like this is highlighted in this musical, along with the other main line – growing up, finding yourself.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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