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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture
  2. I'll Always Be On Top
  3. No One Understands
  4. Tea With Mommy
  5. Evelyn Song
  6. Mimosas With Daddy 
  7. Gay Old Life
  8. You Can't Give Up 
  9. An Invitation 
  10. Lonely
  11. Vroomba! 
  12. Out Alpha The Alpha
  13. La Chateau 
  14. Desperate For Your Love 
  15. This Is Stupid 
  16. No One Understands (Reprise)
  17. Why Won't You Work? 
  18. Kidnap! 
  19. The Sewer Song 
  20. Animal Control 
  21. Nessuno Mi Ha Capita 
  22. Love In All Its Forms 
  23. All Love Is Love 
  24. Afterture 
  25. Evelyn Song (Reprise)

Overture lyrics


New York City, population 100! Land of CEOs, VIPs, and STIs. With that many people, there's bound to be thousands of stories to tell. And you're about to see a story so powerful, so meaningful, it's sure to change each of you to your very core. A story of family, of brotherhood. A story about the stuff that binds us all together as humans on this filthy rock we call Earth
Last Update: October, 16th 2023

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