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Dicks Lyrics

  1. Overture
  2. I'll Always Be On Top
  3. No One Understands
  4. Tea With Mommy
  5. Evelyn Song
  6. Mimosas With Daddy   add
  7. Gay Old Life
  8. You Can't Give Up   add
  9. An Invitation   add
  10. Lonely
  11. Vroomba!   add
  12. Out Alpha The Alpha
  13. La Chateau   add
  14. Desperate For Your Love   add
  15. This Is Stupid   add
  16. No One Understands (Reprise)
  17. Why Won't You Work?   add
  18. Kidnap!   add
  19. The Sewer Song   add
  20. Animal Control   add
  21. Nessuno Mi Ha Capita   add
  22. Love In All Its Forms   add
  23. All Love Is Love   add
  24. Afterture   add
  25. Evelyn Song (Reprise)

Dicks meaning jerks who don’t care about what people think or feel, of course. And also penises. The movie follows two callous businessmen who discover they are identical twins, separated at birth, with one growing up living with his mother and one with his father. The two then decide to trick their parents into getting back together. If that sounds similar to something you’ve seen before, ask yourself, “Did Lindsay Lohan have Sewer Boys and Megan Thee Stallion?” No! That redhead just had fencing.
Release date: 2023
Last Update:October, 10th 2023

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