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Out Alpha The Alpha lyrics

Out Alpha The Alpha

They say, "Boys will be boys," man, what a crock of shit
These men, they hold all the cards, it makes me wanna spit
They always fuckin' shit up, they're always makin' a mess
But I'ma tell you the secret to my success
Men are all stupid, weak little boys
They're not very smart, they just make lots of noise
They got their nose up my ass, they wanna be teacher's pet
And so I keep 'em on their toes and make those fuckers sweat

Sit on your throne and just act like a queen
And these boys will be dying to kiss the ring
Train them to beg like the dogs that they are
And you'll find that it ain't no thing to—

Out-alpha the alpha, mhm
(Outfox the fox) Yeah, outfox the fox, ah
(Outsmart all these dummies) Outsmart all these dummies
(Out-fuck all these cocks) Out-fuck all these cocks

They'll cop a feel or smack yo' ass and then they'll suck their little thumbs
These boys all want a kiss from mommy, they're all scummy sacks of cum
So put your foot right on they throats if they are standin' in your way
And just make those fuckers pay

Stackin' my dollars, makin' my coin, got drip in the back of my truck
Bank vault thrivin', swimmin' in cash, Scrooge motherfuckin' McDuck
I always stay stuntin', my shit is brand new
My tuna is ahi, my beef is Wagyu
Y'all are just servants, this is my palace, built it brick by brick
So get in a line, drop on your knees, and suck my fuckin' dick
Then eat my ass, lick my pussy, and find my clit
Just keep on fuckin', I'm not done, I'll tell you when to quit
Hell yeah, I'm raw, bitch, I'm the star
And, yes, I'm real, boy, there's no HR
I'm the fuckin' dom, don't need a fuckin' man
And by now, you know my plan

(Out-alpha the alpha) Out-alpha the alpha
(Out-screw the cucks) Yeah, out-screw these cucks
(Outplay all these losers) Outplay all these losers
(Out-juice all these nuts) Out-juice all these nuts

These baby boys can't keep the pace, they're all so fuckin' slow
They love actin' like they run the place, but I'm the CEO
These men are fuckin' dinosaurs about to be destroyed
And I'm the asteroid
They've called me shrill, they've called me slut
They've called me ice queen, and what's more
They've called me crazy, called me loud
They've called me bitch, and cunt, and whore

Imagine, if you will, we murdered all the males
A woman-driven world, where equity prevails
Sadly, that's not how it is, but don't you get upset
I'll put those boys right in their place, goddamn, that makes me wet, haha

[GLORIA, spoken]
Trevor, Craig, you're fired.?

(Out-alpha the alpha) Out-alpha the alpha
(Outfox the fox) Outfox the fox
(Outsmart all these dummies) Outsmart all the dummies
(Out-fuck all these cocks) Out-fuck all these cocks

(Out-alpha the alpha)
(Out-alpha the alpha)
Out-alpha the alpha, ah
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