Love In All Its Forms lyrics - Dicks

Love In All Its Forms lyrics

Love In All Its Forms

Why should we listen to you?

Because I am God!

Now listen and listen good, you self-righteous judgmental vups!
Two twin brothers marrying each other, sounds like an abomination. And yet, it's not. Because love in all its forms is a divine thing given to you by me, who again is God.

Fucked up men, yes men! Took my words and changed the meaning. I mean, you sticking your sloppy, hard wiener into your wife's wet hole. That's disgusting too. God damn it, he ain't right about that. If you explain it like that, I got it.

I never thought of it in that way. It really makes sense. Look at these twins! They're vile, misogynists, pigs, perverts, depraved little sex pests.

Can we get a God? Yeah, relax God.

But they love themselves in every sense of the word.

That's why I brought them together, to teach you that all love is love.

Damn, this story ended up good.
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