Finale lyrics - Crazy For You

Finale lyrics


Drop that long face. Have your fling.

[Mingo, Wyatt and Billy]
Why keep nursing the blues?

[Patsy, Zangler and Tess]
If you want this old world on a string.

[Lank, Everett, The Fodors, Irene and Mother]
Put on your dancing shoes --
Stop wasting time!
Put on your dancing shoes --

[The Company]
Watch your spirits climb!

[The Boys]
I'm up among the stars;
On earthly things I frown.

[The Company]
I'm throwing off the bars
That held me down.
Who could ask for anything more?!

[The Boys]
Let me give you the low down:
I'm k-ra-zy for you.
When it comes to show down --
I'm k-ra-zy for you.
And so, though love may not inspire my lingo.
Still it's making my heart go
Bango! Bingo!

[The Company]
Embrace me,
My sweet embraceable you,
Embrace me
You irreplaceable you
Don't be a naughty baby;

Come to Polly --

Come to Bobby --

[Polly and Bobby]

[The Company]
My sweet embraceable you.

Old man trouble
I don't mind him --
You won't find him
I got starlight
I got sweet dreams,
I got my man/gal --
Who could ask for anything more?
Who could ask for anything more?!
Who could ask for anything more?!!
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