Crazy For You review

Crazy For You review

Crazy For You Review - Broadway musical

What most critics liked it in this production – the fact that it clearly differs from many other, boring and melancholic shows, that literally has captivated Broadway for over a decade, when the most famous play Cats of that time was there, itself very slow and not charging with high energy. Here, on the contrary, heat of youth radiates from everywhere, a lot of movement and a constant running around the stage to increase the degree of dynamism of the story to new heights. Such high that they are reviving the musical standards of Gershwin, who skillfully used the stage as a painter uses his canvas when working with oil paints. Shubert Theater, which is on Broadway, New York, is the center of untethered happiness, youthful energy and fantastic fun. Besides the fact that in the story are tied as much as 3 (and in the end – as many as four) love stories, major is the fifth line – which revolves around the local cabaret-type theater, which a greedy bank wants to take as collateral for the outstanding loan, but a spunky young person decides to try to save it, staging there a musical of his own invention. He does that as he loves a local girl very much and she is a daughter of the owner of this cabaret in this decaying town.

Musical turned out quite successful precisely because of its young dynamism. The scenery and props were changed on the stage as fast and uncomplicated as the main characters fall in love with each other. Is it necessary to change the place of deployment of the theater made of papier-mâché? Sure, not a problem! Thanks to its fervent spontaneity, it has acquired a large number of awards. In 1992, it had two wins of the Drama Desk Award and 6 nominations for that. 3 wins of Tony (including for Best Musical) and more 6 nominations. For staging in London in 1993 – 3 wins of Laurence Olivier Award and 4 nominations. For the renewal in 2012, it won two Laurence Olivier Awards, including for Best Musical.

Although the Shubert Theatre is too "cozy" to take the London productions, it has fully coped with the task, allowing musical to play over 1600+ hits of the original show. Together with all of its renewals and, of course, along with three years in the West End, the musical has about 3,000 plays that is quite serious figure for such a young, playful and passionate musical like this.
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