Corpse Bride synopsis

Corpse Bride synopsis

Corpse Bride Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events unfold in a certain averaged Victorian era in a small provincial town (roughly, you can take the year range of 1750 – 1850), where two families are planning to marry. One of them, coming from the lowest social class, holds a successful fish shop and is quite rich. A young man named Victor belongs to this family, which depicted by fantastic Johnny Depp. The second – once rich, but now quite poor landowners, blue-blooded, which are in a very distant relation with the royal family, the only truly valuable asset of who is their family mansion of the spooky appearance. Victoria belongs to this family (played by Emily Watson). They both love each other, and their parents have agreed for marriage. For the first, it will increase their social class. For the second it is a chance to replenish their entirely empty treasury.

During the rehearsal, where their parents come, along with the future betrothed & local severe & gloomy Bishop, Victor forgets the words of his vow & he runs away in shame, to rehearse it. Escape puts him in a local forest, & he, along with the ring, rehearses his speech & asks if she will marry him. Putting a ring on something he thought was a knot or root of the tree, it turns out, he put on the finger of murdered bride, who did not marry & was buried in her now pretty decayed wedding dress. She rises, not alive & not dead, as if a zombie, but her purpose – not brains, but the wedding on him, because he asked: will you marry me? She answered: Yes.

To say that he was frightened & confused – is to say nothing. He faints & after woke up, he finds himself in the Dead’s World, where Emily (a name of now his wife) said that she was killed on the night of her escape with her lover to marry & she never had time to do so. As a wedding gift to husband, she finds his favorite dog, which had died long ago.

Not wanting to live in the World of the Dead, Victor begs Emily to bring him back to the living world so he had a chance to say goodbye to his parents, & they go to Ruler of the world of the dead, who gives them some potion. He leaves Emily in the forest, rushing headlong to his real bride, Victoria, wishes to marry her as soon as possible. Emily is watching this scene & drags Victor back into the world of the dead, while Victoria tells everyone that he dragged by a dead woman who wants to marry him. No one believes her, even the pastor. Wanting to get rid of the shame to have insane daughter, parent marry her to a newcomer, arrogant Lord Barkis, which, as it turned out later, was hunting only for the money of the family of Victoria, unaware that they are actually poor.

Just dead charioteer tells he that his bride is a wife of Lord Barkis. He, thinking that he had been deceived, agrees to marry Emily & for this, they have to repeat their vows in the world of the living, he must drink the poison, to die and be reunited with her in the world of the dead. To do this, all the inhabitants of the world of the Dead are back up, wildly scaring their living relatives, but then, as they are good, everyone is happy of reunion.

After the fraud of Barkis was revealed, Victoria goes to the church where the wedding should be of Emily and Victor. Emily realizes that she now wants to steal the happiness of Victoria, as it was once stolen from her and prevents Viktor to drink the poison, leading him to Victoria. Barkis appears & wants to take his wife home. Emily discovers in him the money hunter who killed her for her small fortune. She suggests a drink, and he, not knowing, drinks poison and now, after his death, all the otherworldly brethren drags him into the world of the dead, to administer to him the punishment that he deserves for his criminal behavior. The dead bride is away, giving back the ring, he and she finally get married.
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