Corpse Bride review

Corpse Bride review

Corpse Bride Review - Broadway musical

The worldwide box office of this musical film grossed a little more than USD 117 million, which paid it almost three times. This work is the result of a creative collaboration of Tim Burton, his dearly beloved wife (although officially she was his partner) Helena Bonham Carter and his personal friend Johnny Depp, with whom acquaintance and cooperation, and then a stronger relationship had arisen, starting from the knowing each other during the work on the film Edward Scissorhands, which has made Johnny Depp from a shy youngster to a great celebrity. Now he can afford in his 52 years of age to marry Amber Heard, an actress of 29 years (after all, nearly half his age).

Strong tandem of the trio afterwards did a few more appearances in other films, invariably becoming fantastically successful. Each of them, where this trio was, collected huge box office and became a cult (or close to it). Furthermore, in addition to Corpse Bride, are: Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland & others – it is a very close cooperation that allows these friends to be like strange trio in the film, where Helena Bonham Carter played, though without the obligatory participation of the other two – Fight Club, where Tyler Durden slept with Marla Singer, and then it turned out that Tyler was another guy. Is it deniable that the same did not occur behind closed doors of the trio? Whatever it was, half the world is awfully happy with stunningly spectacular films that see the light due to the same unique talent of Tim Burton, as Isaac Azimov in the world of science fiction. All movies, where they worked, or at least, where Burton-Depp were, proved justified grossing & were very successful.

This story is an example of the niche, which took Burton in modern cinema – gloomy and dark contrast to bright brilliancy of Disney. Almost always half the characters of all his works are either dead or live in an unreal, distorted world. Thoughts of death are shrouded with an attractive aura of the dark side of life, of which few people think, as long as they don’t touch it. Tim, with his unexpected vision, is able to show the audience nice dead, charming zombies & cheerful frankendogs. And a bigger bunch of hard-hitting characters.

In this work, he used a non-standard technique of shooting of movie on still cameras, and then glued the frames, shooting puppets. Latter have such features of appearance and the face that are the brightest parody of the specific & especially memorable characters, which are full in our lives. A parody on the hairstyle by mother of Victoria or comically low, with the figure of a sphere, husband, who married out of necessity, not out of love. How they came out with such a pretty daughter – a huge mystery.

All terribly interesting, that could be shown by Tim Burton, he expressively, but succinctly shown in this film, full of dark tones and the grim colors, which can be called as one of our most favorite motion pictures. And, since this is not a stage musical, you can watch it at home on your TV or computer for an infinite # of times, enjoying a delicious supply of gothic imagery and surroundings, so phenomenally sensitively given by the creative team.
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