Company synopsis

Company synopsis

Company Synopsis - Broadway musical

Rob lives in the Big Apple & he is a single person. He possesses friends that are married or in a relationship. Robert grows 35 years old and his fellows organize a festival for him.

Rob talks to his buddies. She & her husband Harry poignantly talk about the vices of one another. She sarcastically remarks that arguments like this is the very essence of living 2gether. Her husband says that married man is mostly guilty, but appreciative, but living as a couple changes them both.

Next, Rob speaks with another married couple. A man is a graduate of very prestigious Ivy League. A wife is a real beauty. They would seem the perfect couple, but they surprise Rob with the news of impending divorce. The third couple ask each another why he is still not married. Rob says that he is not against the idea of marriage, and now is surrounded by three women – Kate, April & March. He cannot choose among them.

As long as Rob's possesses a loner status, all men are envy. However, Rob wants to find the only girl who would be a perfection.

Rob meets his all girls. One of them reveals that leaves to another city as she has a fiancé.

The plot is confined to the day of the wedding of another couple. They lived for several years, but decided to get married only now. She panics and writes a letter, where she refuses to marry. A groom is upset, runs into the street, and Rob tries to reassure a bride. Persuasions of Rob worked & a bride tries to catch up a groom to finally marry him.

Rob invites one of his girlfriends to drink to his home after the meeting. He tries to charm her and so they spent the night together. The next morning, Rob convinced her to stay.

In the next scene, Rob & Martha visit other couple. A guy flew to Mexico to get a divorce but called his ex, and they decided to relax along. Since than, they live together and tell that the desire to divorce have had strengthened their marriage. When the girls go outside, Pete asks Rob if he had ever regretted of married. He confesses to a friend that constantly is and also constantly happy.

Rob goes in a nightclub. One of his friends advises others not to look at life but to live it. Larry joins them and tells a friend that he still loves his wife. When the husband goes to pay the bill, Joan speaks directly to Robert revealing the desire to spin an affair with him. Robert is at loss, and when the couple goes home, he remains alone in a state of shock.

At the party, Rob asks all his friends of what do they gain from marriage. He begins to sing along with Being Alive, listing all the dangers of marriage. As a result, he admits that he wants to meet the woman with whom he would have felt that he is alive. At the end of the party all the friends willing Robert happiness and depart home. He remains alone, smiles and blows out the candles.
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