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Production came on Broadway in 1970, before visiting Boston, where received mixed reviews. There were even some who wrote that this show is for misogynists and h*mos. Pretty offensive review, especially considering how much this stupid critic was wrong, because the show has received a total of more than 20 awards and nominations only for Tony, not counting the rest awards.

In the Alvin Theatre, it had 705 hits, excluding 7 previews. Hal Prince was director and the main actor was Dean Jones. Among others were: E. Stritch, D. McKechnie, B. Howland, S. Browning, M. Louise, P. Myers, C. Kimbrough & B. Barrie. Michael Bennett, who later became a successful director himself, was responsible for the staging. Larry Kert replaced Dean Jones after a while, who could not normally play because of serious stress, as he was in the process of divorce. Kert received a Tony Award for best actor, despite the usual rules, which state that only original actor can claim the reward.

In 1970, a short film from the musical was shot, in a few takes per one day and the soundtrack was recorded on CD in the same year. The first tour of the United States was opened in May 1971 and lasted for a year, until the next May, with the closure took place in Washington, D. C.

London saw the musical in 1972 at Her Majesty's Theatre, and there it was going pretty good 344 displays. Actors were: J. McKenzie, L. Kert, D. Watling, E. Stritch, D. McKechnie & J. Franz.

In 1995 and 2006, there was the resurrection of a musical on Broadway. At 95, it was holding for total of 60 shows, and in 06 – 246 regular and 34 preliminary plays. Last was directed, orchestrated & produced by John Doyle. He also wrote the music.

Shaw also appeared in NY in 2011 & in San Francisco in 2015.
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