Better lyrics - Bring It On

Better lyrics


(Performs - Skylar, Kylar and Eva)

They're really not that bad.
But we're better.
They nailed that basket-toss.
But we're better.
It's a miracle they're here.
Still better!
And that flip was crazy sauce!
But we're..
Look! They're blowing up on twitter!
They're only gluing glitter.
Skylar don't be bitter.
But we're better.

And our first runner-up,
Accumulating enough points to qualify for varsity nationals: The Jackson Irish!

They're going to nationals?
Well what about us!?

And today's winner is.....

We're better better better better better better
Better better better better better better better!

It's nice that they compete,
They're enthusiasm's sweet,
I love how they're so street.
But do I need to repeat?
We're hotter,
We're richer,
Our uniforms cuter!
And we're so much better than them!
Oh YEAH! Last Update: March, 30th 2015

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