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Home Before You Know It lyrics

Home Before You Know It

Fran, you know the drill.
Now, look, if anything goes wrong -
I know you think it never will,
But if it does,
They know next door
You're here alone.

Now Fran, you're free and clear,
We got the fences fixed already,
So while we're out with the steer,
You should be fine.
And if you're not,
Pick up the phone.

You know there's room for you to come,
Although, I take it back, there's not.
We got the cow, we got the kids,
And then the tent, which I forgot.
We better get out on the road
Before the trailer gets too hot,

But we'll be home before you know.
We'll be home before you notice that we're gone.
Three days isn't very long,
And so if anything goes wrong,
Just hold on tight -
The end's in sight -
And we'll be home.

I'm gonna drive!
Last year, you said
When I was sixteen,
I could drive?
And I'm sixteen!
You gonna go back on
your Word?
Come on! I drive
Better'n you.
I tell you now -
I won't be squeezin' in the middle
I'm not squeezin' in the middle!
I do not think so, Michael.

Right now I am talking to
Your mother!

Michael, get the lunch!
What did I say?
Go get the Lunch!


How 'bout if I just
Drive the last mile?
So we can come in that
Fair in style?
I can't believe this.

I've got to move it out right now
I don't have time to sit and wait,
We get a worse spot in the stall
For every minute that we're late!
And I can see by how you're lookin'
That you think it's really great
That we'll be home before you know it.
We'll be home
And then I won't do this again.
Year sure, you're laughin' at me now,
When I got two kids and a cow
I gotta show
We gotta go
Then we'll be home.

Sweetheart, it's Mom.

Why does he have to be a jerk?

I'm sorry you got upset with Dad, but you've worked so hard with Steve. All you have to do now is go to Indianapolis? so he can win Steer of the Year.

Why do you have to sound like him?
Why do you have to say what he says?
You don't care about the farm.

Carolyn. This could be your college education right here.

You should have made him stay in Italy
Then I could be Italian
And you could be happy
And I wouldn't have to marry a farmer.

You don't have to marry a farmer.

Nobody asks me what I want!


Ti amo, mama. Coming!

You'll be OK here, right?

I've got a book I want to read, I've got new recipes to try,
Or I might just spend 3 days sitting here and staring at the sky,
But I can't get out of this kitchen 'till you finally say goodbye,
And you'll be home before I know it.

Ok then, we'll see you Thursday.

You'll be home before I notice that you're gone.

We'll call from the road. All right, here we go!

You'll be home before I know it.
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