Bridges of Madison County, The synopsis

Bridges of Madison County, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Francesca leads quite dull and dreary life on the farm with her husband, daughter and wildlife; they grow vegetables and young bulls. She once drove the husband and daughter on a bulls show in a large city nearby and she was returning home. Along the way, she meets a young photographer who shoots bridges, but cannot find last one of them. She agrees to drop him there, talking on the way, and realizing that he evoked certain feelings in her. She invites him to dine, while neighbors noticed a young man in their town and start to gossip.

Francesca and her guest make dinner together, and then dine, with a bottle of brandy, which has for a long time stood saved for a special occasion. Her husband calls her, interested in how was she doing, and she tells of this bottle that she has opened. The next day, the photographer leaves to make good scenery, and she goes to the store to buy a new dress. Realizing that her feelings for the young photographer are very strong, she finds him in a place where he has been photographing and invites him to dinner again. Her husband called her that night, informing that their bull comes into the finals, so they would stay with her daughter in the city for another day. Francesca and photographer having dinner, dancing and understand that they both are very attracted to each other and they are, after the dance, go into her bedroom.

Her husband returned from the fair. Francesca with her lover in advance agreed to meet in the city to escape together and leave this small gray town behind. The routine of life came back to Francesca along with the husband, after he was interested in what they will have for the dinner. In the evening, the neighbor's wife comes in and Francesca realizes that she knows. But it turned out, she was not going to give her to her husband, on the contrary, defends her. Being in the city, Francesca sees her lover, but as a result of severe mental anguish, chooses to remain with the family. They exchanged with farewell views from the long distance and each go own way.

Many years later, Francesca loses her husband, who died of illness, and her daughter has already graduated the university and got married. Beloved of Francesca, meanwhile calling all the offices of his work, to warn that he will no longer be able to take photos for them, because terminally ill. He calls Francesca, but is silent during the call. She thinks, whether it was him or not. But she didn’t call him back. Instead, she goes to the bridge, where they originally met and realizes that she does not regret about any of the choices that she made – not about the affair with this man or that she stayed with her family. We see in the last scene as they dancing on the bridge, being young.
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