Look At Me lyrics - Bridges of Madison County, The

Look At Me lyrics

Look At Me

Ah ah ah?
Ah ah ah?

The breeze starts to blow, and then what do you know?
Something's different, I can't quite explain.
Like a sound in the back of my brain,
But undefined.

A shift in the light or the sun just got brighter;
For sure, there's a change in the air.
It's like something I wasn't aware
I'd left behind.

He looked at me.
And it wasn't the look I expected.
No, he looked at me,
Like he really could see.

But this stranger and I, we connected
When he looked at me.
What on Earth could that be?

Ah ah ah?

Ah ah ah?
Ah ah ah?
Ah ah ah?
Ah ah ah?

Ah ah ah?

Has shed stood in this spot?
Has she tasted this water?
Has she walked on that bridge?
With her hair blowing in this breeze?

I am looking for the eight,
I am looking for the light,
I am looking for?

I start to forget what I look like and yet
All it takes is one second one day.
All these things that I've hidden away
One glance reveals.

The ache and the buzz of the girl that I was
Before now, before him, before them.
It's remarkable just to remember
How it feels!

Just look at me -
At my hands, at my mouth, at my shoulder,
Talk to me, like there's something to say.
In this minute, I'm not getting older.
Please just look at me,
And then please walk away.

Don't offer your hand.
Don't reach for my waist.
Don't lean towards my lips.
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