Bridges of Madison County, The review

Bridges of Madison County, The Review - Broadway musical

Firstly, a very non-trivial storyline is worth noting, which is good not only for the musical, but most of all – for the film on the big screen. Secondly, the excellent voices of Kelly O'Hara and Steven Pasquale. Second as if a professional singer, not an actor of musicals – so good he possesses his voice. He is like a nightingale in the woods – does all available trills, not missing a single octave and a single note available. This actor, apparently, one of the most talented actors of musicals that we have ever had a chance to hear in recent years.

The storyline is as follows. A certain woman named Francesca is very much mired in the swamp of everyday life. The beginning is reminiscent of the plot of the musical named Baker's Wife, which was released about 40 years earlier, in 1976. However, such stories are often – we all know what happens when a woman begins to have a lot of free time, with husband always busy at work, when she is bored and meets a handsome young man who also feels sympathy for her. That's right, it all ends up with the bed, and after this are several options. She makes the broken heart either to herself or to her husband, after having a strong emotional choice: to leave her family and to run away with her new lover, or to stay with husband and to devote herself to the care and further prosperity of the family, taking care of children. Life is multifaceted, and therefore always possible to observe a great variety of decisions. For example, in the Baker's Wife, she ran away for a while to hers new favorite, but still returned to her husband. There is also a return to husband, but with the big difference – she had never left her husband and so he did not even know about her affair until his death. Let him so – he died in blissful ignorance, this is better for him. Especially when Francesca reflected on her past years, she realizes that this affair was only bright spot in her life. But the fact that she never went from family was a huge plus, because the family was all the time full, husband loved her, and never offended her in any way. Well, what about the neighbor's wife, who knew? It turned okay. She supported her because, most likely, she also wanted such a bright event in own life.

Musical raises the question before us, which is quite familiar to most – what to do when your life is boring. Someone decides that question having an affair. Someone drowns the time in the bottle. And some are close to hard drugs. In any case, every life is individual and it should not be taken only as "What a scoundrel! (S)He is cheating on me!". In fact, many seek for just an escape from boredom and banal divergence of views. Maybe someone just wants elementary friendship! We tend to think of this matter in this way.
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