Oh, Diogenes! lyrics - Boys From Syracuse, The

Oh, Diogenes! lyrics

Oh, Diogenes!

There was an old zany who lived in a tub;
He had so many fleabites
He didn't know where to rub.
He kept looking for an honest man
Said "I'm gonna find him if I can"
If i could meet Diogenes today,
This is what i'd say:

Oh, Digenes!
Find a man who's honest!
Oh, Digenes!
Wrap him up for me
Oh, Digenes!
Find a man who's stolid-solid
Hook that fish if he's in the sea
Hunt him! Trail him!
Catch him! Nail him!
If he is free
Have tou got your stick?
Have tou got your lantern?
Can you do the trick
And produce him, please!
Catch that fellow!
Ring that bell,
Oh, Diogenes
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