Boys From Syracuse, The synopsis

Boys From Syracuse, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

This play is based on a story named The Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare. First, we learn that the merchants of Syracuse cannot appear in the city of Ephesus. One of them is revealed and detained, and must get ready to the death penalty. The opportunity to avoid this is a ransom of 1,000 gold coins that he has the ability to pay within 1 day. Daily reprieve he received when told his sad story to the local judge:

He had a twin brother and their father bought them the same twins-slaves from the local poor women. When they were young, they went on a journey on ship and were caught by the storm. Their mother, second brother and his servant were saved on the boat, sailed in an unknown direction. They stayed on the ship with father to survive the storm, living through it, tied themselves to the mast. And he never again saw his brother and second slave, as well as his mother.

During the day, he and his servant are beginning to get in the comedy of situations, related to the fact that first twin-servant arrives to the city, and then the master of this twin. The latter, in turn, come to the city in search of his missing slave within the search mission. The servant was sent to look for both twins, and then, after a while, when the slave have not returned, he was searched.

Once in the city, they begin to stumble either on the bailiff, then on the wife or sister of the master. Which, of course, recognized them in the outward appearance, but they did not know them, bringing the turmoil. The wife of the owner begins to suspect him in treason because he allegedly does not recognize her – because it was not her husband. Then suddenly the servant falls in love with the sister of the master’s wife. Residents of the city after some time, ready to state their insanity (including versions of witchcraft, which was done on them, so they went crazy) when all 4 twins finally converge in one place and all doubts dispelled and everything ends OK.
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