Boys From Syracuse, The review

Boys From Syracuse, The Review - Broadway musical

This musical, we can say, is a remake of remake. It was based on Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors. And this, in turn, is based on The Menaechmi by Plautus. The essence of the musical is as old as the world – someone confused with another and out of that arises the whole mass of absurd, funny, comic scenes, up to the point when the main characters are taken for the insane. The essence is simple, but the implementation is very interesting. The plot: two pairs of identical genetic twins, who were by fate and by the sea storm separated many years back and lived in different cities, until, by chance, one of the couple appeared in the same city. Immediately after the appearance, they begin to be in the same places and see the same people as the couple living in this very same city. Ridiculous situations and, in general, sitcom is the storyline. From this come all tricks that are aimed at public’s entertainment from watching the comedy, and sometimes the situation is full of absurdity. However, this is not a theater of the absurd but the hilarious musical, which has a good music, vivid but slightly grotesque costumes, and lots of emotions.

This show does not catch the stars in the sky, but tells a stout story that can be played for countless times. In particular, situation comedies have captivated not only the TV screens, but also often used on large screens as entertaining twists of the plot. What is attractive about the genre in general and particularly in this musical – sitcoms do not require a strong core of the storyline and it is enough only to be slightly indicated. Like here – a merchant from another city goes to prison, and will be executed, unless if during the day gives to authorities a ransom for own illegal activities in the amount of 1000 gold. That’s it, the end of core. And on this rod put, as parts of synthetic Christmas Tree, sections of branches & needles of the main part of the stage’s time and space. Like following: someone will think you're crazy if you don’t remember the events of an hour ago. Or your wife will think that you are unfaithful, since you refuse to accept her as your wife. And so it takes about a couple of hours during both acts and you laugh. Actually, it means that this musical has fulfilled its main purpose.

Bright costumes, with the prevailing blue and white colors, as if they came from the era of the Great Depression, when the entertain clubs of New York worn them, showing the restraint and elegance at once. Among the music, there are also a few bright songs, for example, "Sing for Your Supper", which is rightly proud of. And even, perhaps, to include this musical in a list of your favorites, for its ingenious simplicity and the absence of profound impressiveness, which is inherent in staging after Shakespeare, for example, on large screens (watch a film "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" with Tim Roth in the title role, as an example of how boring can film adaptation of Shakespeare be – its box office was even below USD 1 million).
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