Boy From Oz, The review

Boy From Oz, The Review - Broadway musical

Todd McKenney was one of the actors who occasionally played the role that we tightly associate with Hugh Jackman in this musical. It was his big break, we can say, a benefit. Despite the fact that now, after a so much time, and many of his roles, it is difficult to associate Hugh with anyone else, except with The Wolverine, (well, maybe a little bit with the evil pirate from the new Peter Pan of the year of 2015), we still can see his past theatrical character. Brilliant personality who had an unhappy marriage with Broadway star Liza Minnelli, because of his propensity for man-love orientation. At least in something, he and his wife had common points of view – they both loved men.

Beginning with the Broadway and ending with places where Hugh Jackman was born – Australia – and even Peru, this musical has not visited the West End, but it is unlikely that it would be warmly welcomed there. At the very least, an Australian tan of Hugh would be too irritating for the prudish British.

The show tells the story of first husband of star Liza Minnelli, who eventually divorced him because of his views on inter-gender relations. They eventually made two bright careers, when they were apart, rather than when they were together. She grew from an unknown second-class canary into the mega-star, which now many admire of. In the plot, the viewer finds out what changes have occurred in their lives – the death of the mother of Liza, star Judy Garland, who saw Peter and made him the star of the scene – just like this musical in real life made Hugh a very famous person far beyond his continent; development of their careers, relations rising and falling and, eventually, incurable AIDS decease.

It is possible to love the acting of Hugh or not. To consider him empty actor, or to marvel the ease and simplicity with which Hugh displays his character. But if we are talking about the burlesque of the product created on stage, which he gives us, it is not necessary to question – it is splendid!
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