My Child lyrics - Blood Brothers

My Child lyrics

My Child

Mrs lyons
Hello, mrs j. How are you?
Mrs j.? Anything wrong?

Mrs johnstone
I had it all worked out.
With one more baby we could have managed.
But not with two, the welfare have already been on to me.

Mrs lyons
Twins? You're expecting twins?

How quickly an idea, planted, can
Take root and grow into a plan.
The thought conceived in this very room
Grew as surely as a seed, in a mother's womb

Mrs lyons
Give one of them to me.
Please, mrs johnstone. Please.

Mrs johnstone
Are y'.... Are y' that desperate to have a baby?

Mrs lyons
Each day i look out from this window
I see him with his friends, i hear him call,
I rush down but as i fold my arms around him
He's gone. Was he ever there at all?

I've dreamed of all the places i would take him
The games we'd play the stories i would tell
The jokes we'd share, the clothing i would make him
I reach out. But as i do, he fades away.

Mrs johnstone
If my child was raised i a palace like this one
He wouldn't have to worry where
His next meal was comin' from

His clothing would be
Supplied by george henry lee

Mrs lyons
He'd have all his own toys
And a garden to play in

Mrs johnstone
He could make too much noise
Without the neighbours complainin'

Mrs lyons
Silver trays to take meals on

Mrs johnstone
A bike with both wheels on?

Mrs lyons
And he'd sleep every night
In a bed of his own

Mrs johnstone
He wouldn't get into fights
He'd leave matches alone
And you'd never find him
Effin' and blindin'
And when he grew up
He could never be told
To stand and queue up
For hours on end at the dole
He'd grow up to be

Mrs lyons / mrs johnstone
A credit to me

Mrs johnstone
To you?

Mrs lyons

Mrs johnstone
I would still be able to see him every day,
Wouldn't i?

Mrs lyons
Of course

Mrs johnstone
An'.... An' you would look after him,
Wouldn't y'?

Mrs lyons
I'd keep him warm in the winter
And cool when it shines
I'd pull out his splinters
Without making him cry
I'd always be there
If his dream became a nightmare

Mrs johnstone & mrs lyons
My child
My child
My child

Mrs lyons
Mrs j. We must make this a binding agreement.

In the name of jesus, the thing was done,
Now there's no going back, for anyone,
It's too late now for feeling torn
There's a pact been sealed,
There's a deal been born.

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