Blood Brothers review

Blood Brothers Review - Broadway musical

What do you feel when you hear the number "10000"? Even if it's just the amount of minutes that should be lived, it is already more than 160 hours, or nearly 7 days. Or $ 10 000? It is a good amount of earnings per month, for example. And what if 10 000 is the number of shows only in London itself, through which has this musical passed? More than 21 years was the main part of its staging, and many ones were before and after, including the USA, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Canada, Europe & Japan.

For a substantially long duration, the musical has won numerous awards and was noted by many: Laurence Olivier Award (5 nominations, including 3 wins), Drama Desk Award (1 nominations and 1 win), Tony Award (6 nominations). There is even an advertising on its cover stating, that it is the owner of all the possible awards (though a bit presumptuous and exaggerated. In fact, the Tony has not yet been received).

The story in two parts, says about how the twin brothers were separated at birth and one of them has been adopted by a wealthy couple, and the other remained to his fairly poor mother, who worked as a housewife at that wealthy couple. As a result of the maelstrom of events that takes place every seven years – somewhat magic number – the brothers are first introduced, then fight and kill one another, like Cain did to Abel. And the seconds after another being shot by police. Before his death, the child of a wealthy family expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with his disgusting life and that it could be different. He wanted to be like his twin, who had much more “real” life.

You know, it is no matter how you raise the child; (s)he is after some time, maybe in his or her 20 or 50 years, may come to you and say: "Mom (Dad)! You taught me bad! You made me to be boring lawyer and now all days I have to sit in dusty office, go to boring trials, but I want to be a clown – he spends whole days amusing the audience and lives with a fantastically interesting life of the theater and the circus!” Or he comes to you and says: "Mother, (father)! You have let me to be a clown – I hate my life! This audience always laughs at me, I'm constantly wearing the make-up, from which my skin is already twice older than me, and still no one takes me seriously! I wanted to be a traveler and discoverer – he is free as a bird, and goes where he wants to, and his life is full of excitement!". Or: "Mom (Dad)! Why did you let me to become a traveler! I have now earned sciatica, sleeping in cold tents and scarred because of fighting with rocks and wild animals, and have no stability – whether I’ll be given money for new projects or not. Why wouldn’t you forced me to be a lawyer? Here is the stable life – a warm office, silent life, huge salary". So do not worry about it – your children will still be dissatisfied with your influence on their lives, no matter how great you did – either gave them freedom of choice either not – they are still likely to be dissatisfied with this. Just as in this musical – out of best wishes, they sheltered a baby & gave him more opportunities in life. And in turn, he, like an ungrateful bastard, bothered and became the criminal: a robber, accessory to murder and, in the end, the murderer of his own blood brother. Shame on him!
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