Blood Brothers synopsis

Blood Brothers synopsis

Blood Brothers Synopsis - Broadway musical

A certain house cleaner who works for a wealthy couple already has a few children, but learns that she is pregnant again. The wife of the house owner, on the other hand, is childless, and very much wants to have her baby, but she and her husband would not succeed. He also does not want to adopt. And when her maid learns that she will have twins, she realizes that she is not financially able of two and negotiates with the owner, who wants to adopt one to make him to be her child. Adjusting everything, as she was a mother, after his birth she takes a boy child. Eventually she had to fire a worker since she was spending too much time with now a child of the house owner, out of jealousy.

After 7 years, the house owner discovers that the boys came across each other, and this did not satisfy her. Following a picture of the world, formed in her mind, where the boys have to be separated, she convinces her husband to change the house to move away. And so they do and another 7 years boys do not see each other, until one day encounter again. They decide to be blood brothers and they now more tightly walk through life together. At the age of 18 years, one of them becomes an accomplice in a robbery attempt, which failed, in order to earn for a living, because he was fired from the factory where he has worked. During the robbery, he becomes a complicit in the murder and they find him and throw in jail for 7 years, of which his mother was unspeakably sad.

After an early release for good behavior, he learns that his girlfriend is seeing his twin brother. They haven’t worked out with the girl because of his chronic depression over the prison. Grabbing a gun, he rushes to his twin to shoot him. His mother runs to a job place of the second son, who is now a lawyer, not to give one to shoot the other. Been there, she said to both of them the truth about their origins and the first throws the gun to the ground, but it accidentally shoots, killing his brother. The police, who ran for preventive purposes, in order not to allow the crime happened, shoot him despite his assurances about the accident detonation. And now they're both dead in the same day.
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