Ready Set, Not Yet (reprise) lyrics - Beetlejuice

Ready Set, Not Yet (reprise) lyrics

Ready Set, Not Yet (reprise)

[BARBARA, spoken:]
That needy pervert was right
If we want our house back, we have to fight for it

[ADAM, spoken:]
Well, how?
No one can see us!

[BARBARA, spoken:]
We're ghosts, damn it!
Haunt this bitch!

[ADAM, spoken:]

[BARBARA, sung:]
Oblivion calls
So we might as well walk through some walls
I'm sure we can haunt our own halls
'Cause Adam we're ready as we'll ever get

If we wanna win back our home
I gotta get right outside my comfort zone

We'll rattle chains and
I don't know
Just wail and moan until they go
Are you willing to take the next step?

Ready, set

Ready, set

Ready, set, let's...
[*ghost noises*]
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