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Where Is The Warmth? lyrics

Where Is The Warmth?

Look at him, that's a face;
that's a profile to admire.
Look at him, that's a torso that's rare.
When I look at him, how I burn to be touching him;
the fire is there.

But where is the warmth?
Look at me, don't you think we fit beautif'ly together?
Look at us, can't you see how we shine.
When you look at us, do you notice I'm shivering?
The weather is fine.

But where is the warmth?
Since I grow feverish with the flush that comes ev'ry time he holds me,
nat'rally you'd suppose I'd be warm when I'm hot.
Well, I'm not.

And just look at me, you would think this the cruelest of Decembers.
Look at me, you would think we had snow.
Then he looks at me, and for a moment I melt again;
the embers do glow.

But oh, where is the warmth?
The fire is there
But where is the warmth?

With a little laugh
and a smaller sigh
my beautiful young man,
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