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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. If It Wasn't for You If It Wasn't for You Video
  3. Chanson
  4. Merci, Madame
  5. Bread  Bread  Video
  6. Gifts Of Love Gifts Of Love Video
  7. Plain and Simple Plain and Simple Video
  8. Proud Lady
  9. Look for the Woman Look for the Woman Video
  10. Serenade Serenade Video
  11. Meadowlark
  12. Buzz A-Buzz Buzz A-Buzz Video
  13. Act 2
  14. If It Wasn't for You (Reprise) If It Wasn't for You (Reprise) Video
  15. Any-Day-Now Day
  16. Endless Delights Endless Delights Video
  17. Luckiest Man in the World Luckiest Man in the World Video
  18. Feminine Companionship Feminine Companionship Video
  19. If I Have To Live Alone
  20. Romance Romance Video
  21. Where Is The Warmth?
  22. Finale (Gifts Of Love) Finale (Gifts Of Love) Video

Baker's Wife, The synopsis

Baker's Wife, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

An ordinary provincial town is before our eyes, where there are very few people and the roles of its functionality support are distributed among its inhabitants. Someone makes the milk, another keeps a cafe and someone bakes bread. But last baker has long left town because he was accused of theft from shop assigned to him. Therefore, they are all waiting for the new one because life without fragrant bread is incomplete. While waiting, the people are busy with their usual parochial disputes: someone complains that his garden is not getting enough sunlight because of the neighbor’s large tree, and someone does not like the look of the other. Totally little squabbles that add interest to the lives in the absence of some high-profile entertainment features – because you see the same faces every day in the situation like this.

The new baker is a pleasant man with a young wife and a very nice house cat with the funny name Pompon.

Gifts of Love – a song that takes the baker's wife as a memory that she loves her husband and choose him as much as he choose her, despite the age difference – it is a response to the high curiosity of new customers. After his wife was again mistakenly confused with the baker's daughter, despite her attempts to reject the aggressive philander amongst the local population, we discover that their cat ran away.

Some time later, the wife gives in to the insistent gentleman who voluptuously persuades her and escapes with him. Despite the complete happiness in marriage, and continuous mental anguish, she still leaves.

The next morning, the whole city is enveloped by voluptuous haze of rumors and several people confirmed the escape of his wife and a young lover, reporting even to the police that the car has been stolen, on which they fled.

Of course, the baker drinks down and completely crushes his neat bread shop, appearing in public completely drunk. Citizens soothe him, trying to bring to life and curse his unfaithful wife, which is a runaway from such a nice baker. One of the residents even "gives in rent" his "nieces" to comfort the baker, who sits on the floor in the middle of scattered flour and burned-out loaves.

Lovers are found in the hotel nearby and the women of the city in pity that they do not have the same passion in life. The wife returns to her husband out of the hotel because, despite the fleeting passion, discovers that she needs warm relations. And husband forgives her, pretending that nothing has happened, comparing her returning with a cat, which ran after a handsome tom, that simply looked good under the moonlight.
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