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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. If It Wasn't for You If It Wasn't for You Video
  3. Chanson
  4. Merci, Madame
  5. Bread  Bread  Video
  6. Gifts Of Love Gifts Of Love Video
  7. Plain and Simple Plain and Simple Video
  8. Proud Lady
  9. Look for the Woman Look for the Woman Video
  10. Serenade Serenade Video
  11. Meadowlark
  12. Buzz A-Buzz Buzz A-Buzz Video
  13. Act 2
  14. If It Wasn't for You (Reprise) If It Wasn't for You (Reprise) Video
  15. Any-Day-Now Day
  16. Endless Delights Endless Delights Video
  17. Luckiest Man in the World Luckiest Man in the World Video
  18. Feminine Companionship Feminine Companionship Video
  19. If I Have To Live Alone
  20. Romance Romance Video
  21. Where Is The Warmth?
  22. Finale (Gifts Of Love) Finale (Gifts Of Love) Video

Baker's Wife, The review

Baker's Wife, The Review - Broadway musical

Production took place for the first time in 1952 and is still running in different places – for example, in London in 1989, New Jersey in 2005, Australia in 2007, New York in 2007, Canada in 2011, again New York in 2015 and London too in 2015. But it never reached Broadway, despite the fact that there was always good and thoroughly things as a strong plot and the game of actors. It turns out that we have frankly a good thing, in ascension of which there is no necessity to invent fanciful words (which often use theater reviewers, when they need to write something enchanting about the blatant muddy heresy). Pity, it did not reach Broadway, although have crossed several oceans of the globe and, in fact, well showed itself around the world.

Charlie Owens & Alyson Rosenfeld played the main characters in the last show in The Drayton Arms Theatre, in London, but in general, it is strange that in France the play did not appear even once, although it is an adaptation of story, which occurred precisely in the French small town. The basis is the film of 1938, which reflected very romantic spirit of a small town, where not only all the inhabitants know each other, but also they have absolutely nothing at all going on in their lives. All the same routine every day, that someone may call as reliable stability, and someone sees an incredibly boring swamp that sucks you in and you burn out from the inside, as all your aspirations, dreams and hopes melt out like a candle, when living in a place as such.

Very accurate presentation of the plot carried out by all actors through the prism of the variability of their sentiments. The new man in town? Oh, how wonderful it is – now we will have bread and you can talk to the newcomers! His wife ran off with a young lover? Oh, how wonderful, why don’t we have this in our own lives? He is a heartbroken because of the escape of his half? Oh, what a bitch, she is a traitor! She's back? Oh, how happy they are now together again! However, it is the usual thing that people are chameleons in their preferences and points of view – because the world is changing and we must adapt to it.

"Golden ages", reflected there are ones that the French love to remember and which so often can be seen in early films with Louis de Funès – where in bright colors unsophisticated rural people are shown and their pure, sincere emotions – sadness, joy and others. Chuck Sisson as the baker is very convincing – he worries that his wife (Khaki Pixley) takes fun with a young guy (trying to convince himself that it is to her mother she went, not to lover). Then he forgives her when she comes back, humiliated and shamed. He showed great generosity taking her back, because he loves her more than life, and there are no mistakes that could not be forgiven.

Meadowlark – a song that is full of delight and is composed so as not to leave the other emotions besides of shocking aesthetic beauty that comes from it.

In spite of the 18 people involved in the show, the baker and his wife naturally take all the attention on themselves, as it should be if the main actor is good in his character.
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