Baker's Wife, The Musical Lyrics

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Baker's Wife, The Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. If It Wasn't for You If It Wasn't for You Video  add
  3. Chanson
  4. Merci, Madame
  5. Bread  Bread  Video  add
  6. Gifts Of Love Gifts Of Love Video  add
  7. Plain and Simple Plain and Simple Video  add
  8. Proud Lady
  9. Look for the Woman Look for the Woman Video  add
  10. Serenade Serenade Video  add
  11. Meadowlark
  12. Buzz A-Buzz Buzz A-Buzz Video  add
  13. Act 2
  14. If It Wasn't for You (Reprise) If It Wasn't for You (Reprise) Video  add
  15. Any-Day-Now Day
  16. Endless Delights Endless Delights Video  add
  17. Luckiest Man in the World Luckiest Man in the World Video  add
  18. Feminine Companionship Feminine Companionship Video  add
  19. If I Have To Live Alone
  20. Romance Romance Video  add
  21. Where Is The Warmth?
  22. Finale (Gifts Of Love) Finale (Gifts Of Love) Video  add

Producers of the musical – Ernest Martin & Cy Feuer, who adapted the film of 1938 and in 1952 made a play for the stage. Frank Loesser wrote the music and Abe Burrows – libretto, with Zero Mostel in the title role.

In 1976, these people were engaged in staging: David Merrick (producer), J. Stein & S. Schwartz (directors). Paul Sorvino & Carole Demas starred baker and his wife, along with Patti LuPone. The production was made several times in Los Angeles and Washington, but has not reached Broadway, but has been staged in London in 1989, where it lasted for 56 performances, before it was closed in early 1990. Paul Sorvino, who starred a major role, is a famous film’ and theater actor (which often depicts gangsters), has three children, one of which – Mira Sorvino, which received an Oscar in 1995 and during her career played even Marilyn Monroe.

The reasons for the closure of so frankly good musical named different, including the slowness of the plot and financial problems. The public perceived every show with standing ovations, indicating the phenomenally positive appreciation. Not wanting to lose completely such a great show, it was reopened in 1997, directed by Scott Schwartz at The Round Barn Theatre (Indiana) and in 2002 played in Connecticut, in Norma Terris Theatre.

The show also went to New Jersey in 2005 with such participants: Gordon Greenberg (director), Christopher Gattelli (choreographer); actors were: L. Wolpe, R. Pruitt, M. von Essen, A. Ripley & G. Marshall.

Many critics agreed that the play in 2005 was the best and very well-tuned, and must reach Broadway. They were showing even pity that this has not reached there, but many other musicals that were frankly worse than this, did, allowing multiple kind words addressed to this play.
Release date: 1976
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