Sorry lyrics - Bad Girls

Sorry lyrics


- What? ? You mean? everything? ? Oh, David? I?ve been such a stupid cow?

I?m sorry
Sorry you found out this way
No, listen ?
There?s some things I need to say
God knows, I ain?t never been proud of what I do
But you should know
I?m always so ?
So proud of you?

And I?m sorry
Sorry I can?t hold you ? squeeze you tight
Love you, miss you
It?s only you that gets me through the night
God knows, things don?t ever turn out the way I planned
But I hope and pray
That someday you?ll understand

I just wanted to make things good
To give you the life you deserve
I?d have told you one day ? yes, I would
But I kept losing my nerve
And it seemed so much better
I should be travelling the world in some fantasy
?Stead of which I?m a liar and a con
But you?re the only thing that keeps me holding on

Sorry ? what?s that you say?
Well of course you can, darling ?
You can come visit any day
God knows, there ain?t nobody else
I?d rather see
So, there you go
Your first V.O.

Got to send you this form called a Visiting Order ? I?ll put it in the post straight off,
then you can come in just as soon as you like? oh no, David,
I forgot ? Fenner?s stopped our visits?

But I?m gonna make things good
No matter how bad it seems
I?ll be there like a mother should be
So you can follow your dreams
Yes, things will get better ? wait and see
We?ll work it now just you and me?
?Cos I don?t ever, ever wanna to be ?
So sorry?

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