One Moment lyrics - Bad Girls

One Moment lyrics

One Moment

Don't waste your time on me
There's nothing anyone can do to set me free?

One life
One fate
Nothing I can do
God knows I've whipped my tears away
Too long
Too late
And everything I ever had
Was broken on that day

One moment and life is changed forever
Paths are crossed
Dreams are lost
Destinies collide
In one moment the world is changed forever
The great and good divide
Truth will decide

One choice
One fight
What else can I do?
How could I live and let it be?
Two wrongs
One right
And either way a price to pay
That all comes back to me

One moment you face the world together
Riding high
Days go by
Lost without a care
One last moment of holding on together
As all the dreams you share
Melt into air

And life plays on
Beyond those gates
Where freedom calls
And no one waits
There where my life used to be
There's nothing but a fantasy
All that I had left of me
Is gone
All gone
Long gone

I won' regret
I don't regret
There's nothing more that I can say
I'll pay my debt
And let them throw my life away

One moment your future's gone forever
Bridges burned
A corner burned
You walk the line alone
In one moment what's done is done forever
When all the birds have flown
You're on your own
You're on your own
I'm on my own.

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