Bad Girls synopsis

Bad Girls synopsis

Bad Girls Synopsis - Broadway musical

A new inmate comes to prison, a girl named Rachel Hicks. Prison has its orders, of course, very strict and all guards are particularly stricter. We immediately encounter a male character, one of two, – Jim Fenner – slippery and criminal person that gets high of power and the lack of monitoring after him. He picks up the new arrival to his custody of her, and even gives the solitary confinement in one-person cell, quite comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

After the inevitable visit from those who have been here for a long time, she learns the ins and outs of spending time in the correctional facility like this. She is incited to buy drugs – or become their dealer – but she did not agree neither the one nor the other. Wafting to Fenner about this issue, she does not achieve the desired effect, because don’t know that Fenner is sleeping with his "wards", against all the rules, of course.

Then we see how some prisoners are started to be treated in a special way – someone transferred to the best cell, and someone is sent to the worst cell for punishment, learning along the way that children of other prisoners also received a penalty and are transferred to educational facilities of the state.

Once newcomer barricaded herself in her cell after an overnight visit of a supervisor to her, and hang herself, seeing the very big neglecting from the supervising officers about this fact, a riot brakes out in a few minutes.

Riot was finished, but prisoners decided to make a hungry strike until the time when Fenner will be fired from the job. Despite the fact that some authorities wanted to make Fenner most important overseer in prison after last Number One, who is ready to do everything to prevent his appointment as First prisoner.

After that, different personalities want to win over those who are in the other camp – both supporting the administration, and not. Sly Fenner does two women-prisoners his right hands and they are now raised above the others.

After another riot, Fenner is wounded and is put in the hospital, and after he has to come out – everything was decided ensuring that he has to be fired. But the two prisoners escape in a very interesting way – they agree with the guards to see the fireworks in the night sky and the helicopter arrives at this time, carrying them out on the rope ladder.
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