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Album lyrics:
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  3. What Could Be Better
  4. Plaza Song Plaza Song Video
  5. Baby, Baby, Baby
  6. I Want It All
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  8. What Could Be Better? (Reprise) What Could Be Better? (Reprise) Video
  9. Fatherhood Blues Fatherhood Blues Video
  10. Romance Romance Video
  11. I Chose Right
  12. We Start Today (Reprise) We Start Today (Reprise) Video
  13. Story Goes On
  14. Act 2
  15. Ladies Singing Their Song Ladies Singing Their Song Video
  16. Patterns
  17. Romance (Repise) Romance (Repise) Video
  18. Eassier to Love Eassier to Love Video
  19. The End of Summer The End of Summer Video
  20. Two People in Love
  21. With You
  22. The Birth The Birth Video
  23. Eassier to Love

I Want It All lyrics

I Want It All

For a whole lotta years you could say I?ve been expecting
But I always made sure that I didn?t expect too much
I sat around on my potential
But now that I?ve heard this news
It?s released all these possibilities
And all I have to do is choose

I want it all
I want it all
I want the whole female experience in a ball
I want it all
I want the morning sickness and the elations
I want every known female sensation
I want to be Scarlett O?Hara, Joan of Arc, Lauren Bacall
I want it all

I?ve been sitting making decisions just like you have
So the thing that I did was to make myself a list
I put what I want on this side
And what I don?t want over here
It was quite a bout,
But I worked it out
And now the answer?s very clear

I want it all
I want it all
I want adventure, love, career, kids large and small
I want it all
I want a quiet simple life and some glory
And Steven Spielberg filming my first story
I want to be Gloria Steinam, Janice Joplin, Annie Hall
I want to be Catherine Hepburn, Connie Chung, Madame de Stae"l
I want to be Mother Teresa, Sally Ride, Lucille Ball
I want it all

Oh no
My friends
There?s now to ways to slice it
You must choose
My friends
And there are things you gain
But some you lose my friends
Some very lovely things
Like an overtone of romance
An element of surprise
The things any grown up practical woman gives up if she?s wise

I want it all
I want it all
There?s a rise up to the heights
And then a ball
I want it all
Don?t try to tell me that I can?t have my drama
And be a mother who is also a motha?
I wanna know that I can find inside me anyone I need
I wanna be Donna Mckechnie, Donna Summer, Donna Reed
I wanna be Margaret Sanger, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Mead
I want it all
I want it all
I want to find a way to break through every wall
I want it all

I want Tahiti
I want a Grammy
I want stretch marks
I want a pedicure
I want dill pickles
I want Learjet
I want a string Bikini
I want the Nobel Prize
I want to make totem poles out of fruit cans
I want it all
I want it
I want it all
I want it
I want it all
I want it
I want it all
I could get into this
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