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I Chose Right lyrics

I Chose Right

As I leave my single life behind
Thoughts are kind of spinning in my mind
First I think about you
And I think about me loving you
And I think about you and me deciding we could be one
It's crazy I know, I wrestle with my pillow all last night
And I look at you and I know I chose right
Life's a very long road
And the crossroads come up right away
And it's so hard to know which way to go when you've barely begun
And Oh, the road you leave behind can shine so bright
And I look at you and I know I chose right
Now maybe we don't mean that much you and I
And maybe our balloon will never fly
And maybe no one cares if we let things go by
And maybe doesn't matter if we live or die
But if I'm making promises to you today
I wanna know I keep them all the way
And if I've not been good at meaning what I say
It's time now to try
So I think about you and I think about me loving you
Then I think of my friends who'll say they're in love when they're
just havin' fun
But I say no no no if I am gonna love its with all my might
And I will be true, I will follow this through and I look at you?
And I know I chose right
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