Baby synopsis

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  1. Act 1
  2. Opening/We Start Today Opening/We Start Today Video
  3. What Could Be Better
  4. Plaza Song Plaza Song Video
  5. Baby, Baby, Baby
  6. I Want It All
  7. At Night She Comes Home to Me At Night She Comes Home to Me Video
  8. What Could Be Better? (Reprise) What Could Be Better? (Reprise) Video
  9. Fatherhood Blues Fatherhood Blues Video
  10. Romance Romance Video
  11. I Chose Right
  12. We Start Today (Reprise) We Start Today (Reprise) Video
  13. Story Goes On
  14. Act 2
  15. Ladies Singing Their Song Ladies Singing Their Song Video
  16. Patterns
  17. Romance (Repise) Romance (Repise) Video
  18. Eassier to Love Eassier to Love Video
  19. The End of Summer The End of Summer Video
  20. Two People in Love
  21. With You
  22. The Birth The Birth Video
  23. Eassier to Love

Baby synopsis

Baby Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story tells of three different hetero pairs of people of different ages and social status, each of which is expecting for the child. Some – the first, and someone – already far not the first. And everyone goes through crises that are linked to this issue. Senior couple who already had children (as many as three) who have left the nest, considering new child through the prism of fear and reluctance no less than the young ones, to whom such an experience is for the first time. The first are afraid that they have long since have been a "couple" and "parents" is absolutely different thing and they are held together simply because of being the parents, and not once loving people. And the most memorable moments they relate to children, rather to anything they did together.

The other pair – Pam & Nick – athletic and fit, but good physical condition does not help them and they are faced with problems at the beginning of the process of procreation – conceiving.

Another pair – Arlene & Alan – perceive the unborn child as a very wonderful miracle, mostly positive. And the eldest couple perceives the emergence of a newborn generally as a stressful event, which helps them to again rethink their marriage, and to test it. The third pair has more emotionally full experience that is clear to a large range of parents. When their last child has graduated from the college, they celebrated this event and yielding to passion, accidentally conceived another. The other two pairs experiencing the simple fear of how it would be with children. This is a more primitive fear, understood well for very young people of 20+.
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