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Richard Maltby is Broadway’s director and Wayne Cilento, choreographer, have staged it in December 1983 – exactly 32 years ago – in the theater named Ethel Barrymore. Although very close to many with its emotionality in plot, staging lasted totally 240 performances and 35 previews. Actors are: T. Graff, M. Vidnovic, C. Cox, J. Congdon, B. Fowler & L. Callaway.

Staging in New Jersey lasted also not too long – 2 months with such actors: M. McGill, M. Rupert, C. Carmello, N. Lewis, C. Kimball & L. Chanze. First time in Jersey the play staged in 2004, and the second time – in 2010. And in 2004 and 2011 the international version arose, first in Manila, then in Brazil.

For each new show chosen all the new actors and past team of members weren’t maintained, perhaps for financial reasons or for reasons of geographical remoteness of productions from each other. No awards have been given to this play during its 1 or 2 seasons and it was only good that is was not bad. A book for the play is filled with sentimental moments and jokes and highly accurate representation of how the characters portrayed coitus acts.
Release date: 1983
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Baby lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Opening/We Start Today Lyrics Opening/We Start Today Video  add
  3. What Could Be Better Lyrics
  4. Plaza Song Lyrics Plaza Song Video  add
  5. Baby, Baby, Baby Lyrics
  6. I Want It All Lyrics
  7. At Night She Comes Home to Me Lyrics At Night She Comes Home to Me Video  add
  8. What Could Be Better? (Reprise) Lyrics What Could Be Better? (Reprise) Video  add
  9. Fatherhood Blues Lyrics Fatherhood Blues Video  add
  10. Romance Lyrics Romance Video  add
  11. I Chose Right Lyrics
  12. We Start Today (Reprise) Lyrics We Start Today (Reprise) Video  add
  13. Story Goes On Lyrics
  14. Act 2
  15. Ladies Singing Their Song Lyrics Ladies Singing Their Song Video  add
  16. Patterns Lyrics
  17. Romance (Repise) Lyrics Romance (Repise) Video  add
  18. Eassier to Love Lyrics Eassier to Love Video  add
  19. The End of Summer Lyrics The End of Summer Video  add
  20. Two People in Love Lyrics
  21. With You Lyrics
  22. The Birth Lyrics The Birth Video  add
  23. Eassier to Love Lyrics
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