Buddie, Beware lyrics - Anything Goes

Buddie, Beware lyrics

Buddie, Beware

Come on, fellas, gettin' married's for the birds.
Who needs it?

We do!


Buddie, beware,
Buddie, better take care,
Though at heart I'm a pearl
I'm a difficult girl,
So, buddie, beware.

When i go to a show,
I prefer the first row.
When invited to dine
I can't eat without wine.
So, buddie beware.

During Christmas holidays
I develop taking ways
And I'm not at all anti
Pretty things Santy
Brings from Cartier's.

Your devotion I prize
But you must realize, my boys,
Other girl's luxuries
Are my necessities,
So, buddie, beware.

I must warn you that I'm
simply never on time,
So, buddie, beware.

Somehow I don't feel
nice when I wear a
dress twice,
So, buddie, beware.

Buddie, beware.
Buddie, better take care.
Since the day i was weened,
I'm a caviar fiend.
So buddie, beware.

I feel I should put you right.
As I lie in bed at night
While the twinkling stars gleam on,
With my cold cream on
I'm a lovely sight.
And another thing too,
When I'm married to you, my sweet,
If to come home you fail,
I'll open all your mail,
So, buddie, beware.

[Thanks to Ellie Fishman for corrections]
Last Update: February, 10th 2016

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