Number 918 lyrics - Altar Boyz

Number 918 lyrics

Number 918

He came into your life like a whisper
he took control of you in the dark of the night
he singes you with every glance
he has you, heart and soul, his old so tight

He makes you do things you dont want to
he commands and you obey
Take my hand, we'll stare him down
We'll show you what to say

Get the hell out!
Dont let him s tay insided you
rise up and make him take flight

Get the hell out! fight him tooth and nail
come on and walk toward the light!
we gotta get the hell outa here tonight!

If you lose this fight, you'll be his play thing for eternity
burning, baking, searing, flaming
doesnt sound like fun to me

Demons'll peel your skin off each day
try to scream, but you got no voice
if you want to avoid this fate
you only got one choice!

get the hell out
look to us for guidance
the altarboyz will see you through

Get the hell out
we got extra crosses
plenty of holy water too
we're gonna get the hell out of you

Ready? ready!
five four three two one!

the power of christ compels you
get thee behind me
get the hell out

get the hell
this is your last chance
face your demons eye to eye
get the hell out
face the consequences
now or never do or die

you gotta face the ugly truth
you gotta do what you gotta do
get the hell outa you
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