Altar Boyz synopsis

Altar Boyz synopsis

Altar Boyz Synopsis - Broadway musical

Simple enough for the musical, in which everything is based on the glorification of the Lord (and his son, Jesus). Without a distinctive story, this production is simply as if the concert of Altar Boyz band (whose members are called with biblical names, based on the authors of Christian Gospels – Juan, Mark, Matthew and Luke. Fifth participant called Abraham and it is also a biblical name, but there may be inclusion of a reference to one of the great presidents of United States – Abraham Lincoln. In the story, he is a Jew, and this is his hallmark. Each of the members of this group, which brings us closer to the Catholic religion, has own distinctive features, except of the main voice leader. He has a perfect-shaped jaw and pumped-up arms – nothing more needed to look very convincing on the stage for the category of "girls from 6 to 15 years".

The musical is put as if it was alive concert. Only with the difference that it does not have its permanent style – they are singing in the folk, gospel, rap or pop. Sometimes they have desire to make the rock, but it somehow did not happened still.

During the singing, each of the characters is trying not only to make a parody of teenage bands like Backstreet Boys, but above all, through his personal charisma to convey the positive, and even the negative sides that are dominated inside of him. If they succeeded – the audience must judge.
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