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Across the Universe synopsis

Jude is a young boy (“Hey, Jude” – remember?) residing in Liverpool, England and one sweet day he decides to jump into train to go Merchant Navy to find his father who is an American. He finds him in Ohio and it seems like he falls in love with a girl named Lucy. But she has a boyfriend coming back soon from the Vietnam War. They are acquainted thanks to Max, a new local friend of Jude.

Max and Jude short time after rent a new apartment and both find jobs. Soon they go to New York as hitchhikers. After a boyfriend of Lucy got killed in the Vietnam War, she upsets and decides to visit Max in New York. It happened that she and Jude both fall in love and decided to reside together. In a meanwhile, several of the supportive actors are doing some crazy stuff, like locking up in the closet due to unlucky love and some other people have to pull them outta there.

There are also some defiant scenes revealing the drug-addiction of the main characters and what state they are into with this.

Lucy is breaking-up with her music associates and start spending more time with a guy named Paco. Jude dislikes it, of course, and gets a fight with him and Lucy. As they are all become involved in the anti-war movement, they visit several demonstrations and Jude has got beaten-up by the police who alongside arrests Lucy and this fellow, Paco.

Jude is being deported, as he is a citizen of UK, not US and is unable to prove that he is a child born from American citizen. So he goes back on his past work. Max, his friend, receives an injury at the war and goes back home, becoming a drug-addicted person, to morphine.

At the same time, Lucy decided to shift away from the ridiculous movement of Paco, as he becomes too violent, almost the same as it turned in the Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, one of American’s idols somehow – they grow aggressive and killing-movement eventually. One of the self-made bombs kills the Paco and his onhangers so Jude considers Lucy also dead, but Max knows it isn’t true and Jude decides to go back in NY legally.

It all ends with music performance by Jude and Lucy at the rooftops.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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