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Across the Universe cast

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Evan Rachel Wood as Lucy
Jim Sturgess as Jude
Joe Anderson as Max
Dana Fuchs as Sadie
Martin Luther McCoy as Jojo
T. V. Carpio as Prudence
Timothy T. Mitchum as Jojo's younger brother
Carol Woods as Gospel Singer
Orfeh as Hooker #1
Tracy Nicole Chapman as Hooker #2
Jacob Pitts as Desmond
Logan Marshall-Green as Paco
Bono as Dr. Robert
Salma Hayek as Bang Bang Shoot Shoot nurses
James Urbaniak as Bill, Sadie's Manager
Eddie Izzard as Mr. Kite
Harry Lennix as army sergeant
Lawrence Leritz as Singing riot cop
Joe Cocker as Pimp / Mad Hippie / Bum
Angela Mounsey as Martha Feeny, Jude's mother
Lisa Hogg as Molly, Jude's Liverpool girlfriend
Robert Clohessy as Wesley "Wes" Hubert, Jude's father
Dylan Baker and Linda Emond as Mr. and Mrs. Carrigan
Lynn Cohen as Grandmother Carrigan
Bill Irwin as Uncle Teddy
Spencer Liff as Daniel, Lucy's high school boyfriend
Ekaterina Sknarina as Rita
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Across the Universe Lyrics

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  2. Helter Skelter Lyrics
  3. Hold MeTight Lyrics
  4. All My Loving Lyrics
  5. I Wanna Hold Your Hand Lyrics
  6. With A Little Help From My Friends Lyrics
  7. It Won't Be Long Lyrics
  8. I've Just Seen A Face Lyrics
  9. Let It Be Lyrics
  10. Come Together Lyrics
  11. Why Don't We Do It In The Road? Lyrics
  12. If I Fell Lyrics
  13. I Want You / She's So Heavy Lyrics
  14. Dear Prudence Lyrics
  15. Flying Lyrics
  16. Blue Jay Way Lyrics
  17. I Am The Walrus Lyrics
  18. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! Lyrics
  19. Because Lyrics
  20. Something Lyrics
  21. Oh, Darling Lyrics
  22. Strawberry Fields Lyrics
  23. Revolution Lyrics
  24. While My Guitar Gently Weeps Lyrics
  25. Across the Universe Lyrics
  26. Helter Skelter (Reprise) Lyrics
  27. And I Love Her Lyrics
  28. Happiness Is A Warm Gun Lyrics
  29. A Day in the Life Lyrics
  30. Blackbird Lyrics
  31. Hey Jude Lyrics
  32. Don't Let Me Down Lyrics
  33. All You Need Is Love Lyrics
  34. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Lyrics

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