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Babes In Arms Musical Lyrics

Babes In Arms description

It is in the spirit of its time. Theatrical production was first made in 1937, it tells about the events of 1921–1930 years, what happens to the family, which is very closely involved in staging of vaudevilles, but technical progress mixes up all of their cards – the invention of sound motion pictures.

Richard Rodgers wrote the music, Lorenz Hart was responsible for the words and they co-wrote the book for the play.

The focus of the play – several teenagers who either have to go to a theater show or go to work on the farm, while those who does this very show, seek funding for its continuation. The funding of the theater has sharply been decreased after 1928 – because the whole crowd went to watch at the novelty of technological progress of Mankind – talkies. Then the same audience received several new products in images on the screen – pictures in color, special effects, videotapes and 3D, eventually.

After a few songs, performed in this musical, became literally pop standards, the screens received a film of the same name. It had almost no songs make this musical popular – only two of the original, Babes in Arms & Where or When. Judy Garland was a star of this motion picture.

Since the version of 1939 displayed the very radicalized pre-war moods of the time, in 1959, when the musical came out again, its creator named George Oppenheimer did a very audited, refined version in which there were not a gram of politics of sharp corners. Those version of the musical, which you can watch at the moment (even video records posted on this website), are so refined that people just sing about anything. However, in 1999, the original version was resurrected from oblivion, but still, it was also simplified in order to avoid negative publicity for loud musical script.
Release date: 1989
Last Update:December, 09th 2015

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