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Avenue Q Musical Lyrics

Avenue Q description

Those who watched the play titled Sesame Street, may be apparent of some parallels, which are held between the puppets in mentioned show and ones considered here. The mechanics of the show is quite complicated, but the plot – on the contrary, simple, albeit non-linear, and that is why it is difficult to keep in mind everything because of the constant changes.

Eleven puppets and three people – this ratio seems to be simple and clear. But the puppets are controlled by more than 11 people. Sometimes a puppet takes two (or even three) persons – two run its movements, the third sounding it. In most cases, the principle of "one puppet – one man" is implemented, but not always. Therefore, the group picture of all the actors of the play can reveal that the total number of show’s participants goes far beyond the number of thirty and gets closer to forty. However, this including the director and some of his assistants.

Puppets, except for some of their visual similarities with the characters of Sesame Street, are also reminiscent of a couple of those of the Muppet Show – e.g., The Beast or Miss Piggy. However, this similarity may be far-fetched, because they represent a particular character, which often occur in our lives and we cannot say that a particular type of, for example, an evil guy is a unique type of an evil guy, which is one and only. Or depraved girl with big female “beauties” is also an exception to the rule in this world, and there is no any such as her. Therefore, the similarity of the imagery proves nothing.
Release date: 2003
Last Update:December, 02nd 2015

Avenue Q Lyrics

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