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Anything Goes Musical Lyrics

Anything Goes description

Lewis Milestone – the director of the musical, which was originally staged in 1936 (and then was resurrected a few times – in 1956 and 1990, sometimes a couple of old actors remained in a part, surprisingly). The star of the screen and the theater those years, Bing Crosby, starred Billie. Ethel Merman played in this production much more successful role than she was in mediocre failing show in the musical Annie Get Your Gun.

Despite the heavy load with minor details of the plot, the main storyline is that a young man travels across the Atlantic by boat (from the USA to England) and during swimming falls in love with a rich English heiress, going home. It turns out that for some reason he is also hiding from his boss, who by mischance boarded also and now Billie has to be masked. What is remarkable – in USA in 1936 it was the Commission following the morality much more closely (and had more rights than it is now an organization that assigns ratings of movies, MPAA, has); many of the songs had to be rewritten so that play was done. And thus, Bing Crosby had left only 4 songs to sing with heavily changed words, and one of the songs – the title of all the action, Anything Goes – at all has changed to the point where it was left 1 couplet out of the original content.

Through participation in the play of such a famous person as Bing, creators were able to quickly get new songs written by different authors. In addition, in the 1930s it was common phenomenon that the film company owned by record labels and released new songs for the film with the aim to make more money. Then these two areas were divided, without being bound by the corporate culture, but only financially, under the joint co-operation.
Release date: 1934
Last Update:November, 26th 2015

Anything Goes Lyrics

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